Feng Shui 101: Understanding of Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui 101: The History of Feng Shui is about where it all began and how it all came to be.

Feng Shui, literally meaning “wind and water,” is a traditional Chinese concept linking the destiny of man to his environment. It aims to ensure that people live in harmony with their surroundings. The Chinese have a deep belief in Ch'i, and it is incorporated into many aspects of their life.

However with this course you will have a better understanding of what is Feng Shui who uses Feng Shui today and why it's so beneficial and important to them

to the Chinese Feng Shui is most likely some tradtitional cultural superstitions that their Grandmother implemented into their home.A few unwritten rules of do's and don'ts with no questions asked environment to help preserve it's chosion and prosperity.

Feng Shui Literally means Wind and Water when translated. This hints towards that it is connected to noth warter and air which are fluids mean9ing that flow it is key. Also that since we know that air and water are crucial for human survival this stresses the importance of it. hOwever today's society we don't giv e much thought to breathinng and drinking water it is something we just automatically do.

Let's put this together, using these interpretationtf wind and water in a sing term called energy.

Energy is the lifeblood of the body, plants and animals and the earth. This energy which is called Chi also lies behind the complexity of the day-to-day of our lives. Here is a small list as to what Feng Shui is NOT:

Feng Shu is not a religion of any sort. (although some THEORIES, sprang from the same roots as Taoism)

Feng Shui is not a form of integrative psychology.

a branch of interior decorating

Feng Shui is NOT magic

it is not a cure all

it is not easy

it is not inttuitive

it is not Fasionable

Fengshui is the practice of practical technique for locating and manipulating Chi energy, which was first used by Chinese emperors to improve thier prosperity, marriage prospects, career luck, family cohesion, the luck of their children and their stature in their communities, their education or exam luck and most importantly their health.

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I’m a Feng Shui Practitioner & Lifestyle Relationship Coach who works with entrepreneurs who struggle with their money, abundance and relationships mindset. I help clear the unconscious blocks that are stopping them from reaching their revenue and personal goals. I am here for you and Happy to help.



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